Pricing boxes


[pricing] is a shortcode which allow to present information about service, product or package.

Common uses might be to:
  • Display a pricing boxes.
Usage notes
  • Put that shortcode into the body of page/post.
  • This shortcode can be used at sidebars via Text Widget.
  • Use a [raw]..[/raw] shortcode as wrapper to prevent WordPress automatic formatting. The best way is a wraping a whole code of page. The [raw]..[/raw] shortcode can be used at one time per page.

Example #1

Basic usage a pricing box.

Regular Price

Product description goes here. Donec neque elit aliquet et egestas a auctor ateque. Roin id purus. Aliquam pulvinar, leo at dictum semper, dolor purus nonummy quam, et feugiat neque sapien non velit.
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Example #2

Advanced usage a pricing box.

Usage tip:

In this case we've used a three columns shortcodes as wrappers for pricing boxes.

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